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Freebies2Deals "Secret Santa" Project!

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I don’t normally post on Sundays, but today I’ve had to make an exception.

In October, I posted about nominating “Families in Need” this Holiday Season. I asked any of you who knew families who were seriously struggling to email me and let me know.  Out of all the Nominations, I was going to pick just one family to help. 

Since the Nomination period ended Nov 1st, I have been really racking my brain trying to figure out what to do.  Many of the stories I received were heart-breaking and made my decision hard to pick just one.

Since I had the house to myself today for a few hours, I spent time on my knees trying to figure out which Families to devote the Freebies2Deals Secret Santa Project to.  After a lot of praying, I feel VERY strongly that multiple families need my help- not just the one I was planning on!! 

Since the start of this blogging hobby of mine, I have been really blessed to receive income from advertising and marketing revenues.  And because of that, I want to Pay it Forward to those who need help.  And that is where the Secret Santa Project idea came from.  But now that I am planning on purchasing multiple Christmases, I am hoping there are a few of you in a position to help me pull this idea of mine off!

With the deals we find, we get a LOT of toys for really cheap with coupons, or online coupon codes.  So if there are any Families out there that want to participate in a “Secret Santa” project, let me know!  Now that I’ve taken on a bunch of families, I would love any help I can get.

If any of you have a new, unopened toy or gift your family would like to donate, please email me at  Make sure you CC  She is going to be helping me orchestrate this whole thing so we can pull it off in time for Christmas!  Or if you would like an address to send any gifts directly from a retailer’s website, email me as well. 

**If you do choose to send items for the Secret Santa Project, please make sure you send them by Nov. 30th so I get them in time for delivery!

This whole crazy adventure of mine is going to be video-taped and posted on the Freebies2Deals site. So if you do donate a present or two, you will see those given to the families in need!  You can watch the video as a family and see where all of your good deeds went! 

The Secret Santa families will remain anonymous, unless they decide they would like to be on camera.  But you will see me purchasing presents, organizing, wrapping and delivering in camo gear to each home or to the post office! It will definitely be the most in-depth video I have ever tried to do. But worth every second!

**If you did send in a nomination previously, please be on the lookout from an email from Annalee (  Also check your junk or spam folder.  She will be asking you for additional information about your nominated family!

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  1. You are such a good person Melea! Always looking for the good you can do. Can't wait to see how it all goes. So many lives will be touched.

  2. what a great thing ur doing i wish i had found this site along time ago.Also wish i was able to get in on the secret santa for help for my daughter and nephew.


  4. Melea, I think it's awesome how willing you are to help out others. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!

  5. Could you give us a little information about ages,gender and sizes for the families. I would love to help.

  6. This is a wonderful thing you are doing,normally I take care of the person I nominated but due to an accident I am not mobile and wont be till end of December. ThankYou soooooo much

  7. I'm also wondering about ages, sizes and gender so I can send some things your way!

  8. This is an awesome thing you are planning on doing. I hope I can gather a few extra gifts for you. Do you only need toys or something for grown ups too?


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